Podcast Episode 1: An introduction to Andy Andrews

Sep 21, 2011 | Podcasts

In The Loop with Andy Andrews, hosted by Andy Traub


Grew up in a normal family. When he was 19, mother died of cancer and then his father died in a car accident. Made bad choices and ended up homeless; that’s when he met Jones from The Noticer. Andy joked that he has an uncanny ability to make a bad situation worse.


Jones is a real character. Really had a suitcase. Was the first person to tell Andy the truth about himself.


Quote – “Your best friend is the one who tells you the most truth.”


The first chapter of The Noticer is absolutely true. The rest is a lot of things Jones said, but with Andy’s imagination added to it.


The power of story. People connect with stories better than how they connect with other types of writing, such as non-fiction.


If Andy Traub suggests a book, one of Andy Andrews’ books, and you don’t like it, send it to Andy Traub and he’ll give you your money back and will give it away.


One of the greatest imaginative things you can do is sit around with friends after dinner and talk about what your ultimate dinner party would look like. What people throughout history would you invite? That’s how Andy would describe The Final Summit, which is the sequel to The Traveler’s Gift.


Episode 2 will contain info on how Andy is using these books to educate people.


Questions for Listeners

  • Do you have a question? Call in and your question might be featured on the show!



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