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Oct 20, 2009 | Miscellaneous

Years ago, I became convinced that the best writers in the world have not yet been published.  I am certain that the best singers are not in New York or Las Vegas or on your radio.  They are most likely in a local band down the street from you or in your church choir!  Incidentally, that is a part of why I do what I do—to encourage those of you with talent and desire to step forward—or if you have already stepped forward, to insist that you persist without exception in your quest to enlighten or entertain us.

Meanwhile . . . don’t forget your family and friends.  If you are funny, then come on!  Entertain us!

Forget every comedian you ever saw . . . did you know that the funniest human on the planet is an insurance agent in Anthem, Arizona?

Mike Jakubik Tag

His name is Mike Jakubik. He will kill me for telling YOU, but believe me, it’s true.

Bonnie Latino has been writing for years, but you have not yet heard of her.  You will soon   . . . her latest short story, “The Rush of Butterflies” just won an international contest.

Some folks say, “If I only had a famous contact . . . someone who could help,” but I know a guy who might one day be the most famous person in his family.  He is just that good.  So far, however, his last name hasn’t helped much. Listen below for “Sweet” from Nathan Osmond—he is one of Alan’s sons—a nephew of Donny and Marie.

Sweet by Nathan Osmond

Not long ago, I heard twelve-year-old from Virginia named Taylor Short sing a selection from Phantom of the Opera.  I was blown away.  She’s twelve?

Polly, the boys, and I went to our local theater two weeks ago to see The Sound of Music, which was certainly an ambitious production for an area like ours.  Dale, Mick, Bailey, and Glennellen were all friends and of course we went to support them.  And they were awesome!

Glenellen Tag

Speaking of Glennellen—most of us call her Glenn—she is the beautiful red haired daughter of some of our best friends, Jerry and Katrina Anderson.

Polly and I were in the hospital waiting room fourteen years ago when Glenn was born so we have watched her unique talent evolve for years.  In The Sound of Music, because she appears a bit older, Glenn was able to play the part of Liesl (“I am Sixteen, Going on Seventeen” . . . remember?) Glenn is also one of my favorite laughers (she laughs at everything I do) and she is the very person who inspired this particular blog posting.  You see, I harbor the belief that we all possess some hidden talent that we can exploit in order to entertain others.  And that is, in fact, what I sometimes do for Glenn.

Here’s an example:  Recently, I scribbled down some lyrics of my own to the tune of “My Favorite Things”—one of the songs I had heard performed in the musical.  I must have worked and worked for oh . . . 20 or 30 minutes to come up with my masterpiece.  When I was finished, I dialed the Anderson’s house and performed it for Glenn.  What was the purpose?  To entertain my fourteen-year-old buddy and her family, of course!  Their laughter over the phone was the equal to any standing ovation I have ever received.

Want to hear it?  Of course you do!  I only did one verse, but the words are below.  Feel free to sing along!

 My Favorite Things

By Andy Andrews

SEC football and Bugs Bunny cartoons,

Family vacations, trout fishing on full moons,

Banana pudding, chicken and dumplings—

These are a few of my favorite things.

Wrestling with Adam and bike rides with Austin,

Home made white layer cake with chocolate frosting,

Peyton and Eli and all the Mannings,

These are a few of my favorite things!

When swine flu hits, when I get zits,

When I feel unhappy . . .

I simply remember my favorite things,

And then I don’t feel . . . so crappy!

Now it is YOUR TURN to make us all laugh.  In the comments section below, we’d like to read your new words to the tune of a song we have all heard. Come on . . . entertain us!

Have fun!


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