Dealing with Divorce: How to Move Forward

Jul 4, 2013 | Family

In this video blog, I answer a reader question: How does someone start over after a divorce?

It’s very important to get back to basics in your own life at this point.

  • There’s not much power in giving the blame, but there is a lot of power in taking responsibility.
  • If you’re willing to explore the possibility of everything being your fault, then you can begin to inch up and determine what was absolutely not your fault, and then determine in what areas where you might have some work to do.


People rarely achieve the best in their lives without asking the hard question—“Is this all me?”

  • The good news is that if it is “all me,” there is something you can do about it!
  • If it’s “all them,” there’s not much you can do.


A word of caution: we’ve all seen situations that repeat themselves.

  • I talked to someone who had been divorced three times. He blamed each divorce on the other person.
  • But I had to tell him that the only common denominator in each marriage was actually him.


The best advice I can give you right now is to take a breath, put a smile on your face, and get going again.

  • There is more for you. You will find it quicker with a smile on your face than with a spirit of bitterness.
  • It’s rare that I say, “Hey read my own book!” but I have a book called The Heart Mender that I really believe could help you at this point in your life.

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