Why You Can’t Believe Everything You Think

Oct 9, 2013 | Culture/Society

In this video blog, I further explain Jones’ curious advice from The Noticer Returns: “You can’t always believe everything you think.”

If you want to learn how to expand your thinking and constantly come up with new ideas and solutions, watch it now!



Video Notes:

Have you ever been so sure that you knew something to be a fact, only to find out that you were wrong?

  • Of course. We all have.
  • So does the possibility exist that you might be wrong about something right now?


As humans, most of us only think as hard as we’re forced to think.

  • When we bump against something we think we already know, we tend not to think about it anymore.
  • Rarely do we push past the level of our current thinking.
  • Rarely do we dig in and seek wisdom about the things we already think we know.


“You can’t believe everything you think” was Jones’ way of telling me to keep pushing the boundaries of what I think and know.

  • Wisdom takes us beyond what we know.
  • Newton was not the first person in history to have an apple fall on his head. But he was the first to struggle beyond his concept of what the world was and explain gravity.



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