A Day Of Remembering

May 28, 2018 | Culture/Society

To some, I suppose, today is an extra “day off” on the calendar or a starting point for the summer.  

For you and I, however, it is a day of memorial, a day to remember those who gave everything—their last full measure—in order that we in America might live as we do.  

My World War II heroes, at least the ones I knew personally and well, are all gone. Thank you, Mr. Callaway. Thank you, Billy Sartin. Thank you, Mr. Frith.  

My father in law—Bobby Gray Young—served in Korea. Thank you, Dad. To those who never returned from Southeast Asia and Iraq and Afghanistan and from unnamed conflicts across the globe, we are grateful for your sacrifice and still humbled in the presence of your families.  

Yes, today, we will enjoy the fireworks. We will grill hamburgers out on the patio or barbecue ribs for the crowd at the pool. Yes, we will revel in the carefree laughter of our children. But on this Memorial Day,  we will not forget those who made it possible.

We will not forget you.

Happy Memorial Day,


PS  Please take a few minutes of your time to click the link below. Listen quietly. The song is about “remembering.”  It is sung by Jimmy Yeary, the man who wrote the words and music.  



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