The Boy Who Changed the World

"My daddy read The Boy Who Changed the World to me and I loved it. This is the best book he has ever written!"

- Adam Andrews, 8 years old

Everything You Do Matters

Who would dream that a boy playing in Iowa cornfields would save the lives of more than two billion people? This is the incredible story of Nobel laureate Norman Borlaug, a simple boy with a desire to feed the hungry – but Borlaug couldn’t have accomplished this without the help of Vice President Henry Wallace, who was influenced by inventor George Washington Carver, who in turn was rescued by farmer Moses Carver.

The Boy Who Changed the World reveals the incredible truth that everything YOU do matters – what you did yesterday, what you do today, and what you will do tomorrow. Every choice you make, good or bad, can make a difference. In this engaging tale, bestselling author Andy Andrews shows children that every action, however big or small, can have a ripple effect around the world.

"This book will stir the imaginations of young readers curious about their future."

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“The Boy Who Changed the World is an amazingly delightful book that turns what seems to be an ordinary child’s life into something quite extraordinary.”

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What People are Saying ...

"I can’t wait to reread this with them and talk more about how THEY can change the world, even in the things that seem very small to them."

— Home with the Boys

“The illustrations are beautiful and vibrant. The idea behind the book is inspiring. ”

— Daily Life Notes

“Through the bright, cheery illustrations and enthusiastic, easy-to-follow story, children see that they truly can be world changers.”

— Diane Kinney

“After reading it, my 4-year-old was ready to change the world himself.”

— Bargain Davis

“Andy Andrews reminds us that God has made each of our lives so important that every move we make matters for a lifetime.”

— Karen’s Book Reviews

“When I finished reading it, my daughter exclaimed, "I want to go change the world!”

— I Believe in Love

“It’s positive and encouraging message touches the hearts of children and inspires them to greatness.”

— In the Blink of an Eye

The Boy Who Changed the World is a wonderful tool to help teach children that no man is an island unto himself…we each affect the world around us for God’s glory, or to man’s detriment.”

— Learning Curve

“Giving a child such a powerful message can indeed change their lives and empower them with the knowledge that they can affect the world with their lives.”

— My Four Monkeys

“Every child needs to learn the lesson that they don’t have to be a president, or CEO, or Military Hero to change to world. They just need to be themselves and do what they can for others.”

— Still Not There

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Trade Information

  • Title: The Boy Who Changed the World
  • Author: Andy Andrews
  • Publisher: Tommy Nelson Publishers
  • Date of Publication: August 31, 2010
  • Retail Price: $16.99 US (Hardcover)
  • ISBN-13: 978-1-4003-1605-2
  • Ages: 4-8
  • Pages: 40

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Sandi (SB) Dorff
Artist Facilitator

Bio for Kids

“He wrote The Boy Who Changed the World because he wanted young people everywhere to understand that they are very special.”

Andy Andrews

Andy Andrews was born in Birmingham, AL on May 22, 1959. He now lives in Orange Beach, AL. He is married to a lady named Polly and they have two sons. Austin, a fifth grader, is ten years old, and Adam is eight and in the second grade. They have a standard poodle named Carver.

His favorite color is red and he loves to eat seafood. Andy does not like to eat English peas! Actually, he’s not a very big fan of most kinds of beans. He enjoys spending time with his family and he also likes to go fishing.

Andy has written over 20 books. This is his first book for young children. He wrote The Boy Who Changed the World because he wanted young people everywhere to understand that they are very special. He also wanted them to know that they really can make a difference in this world, just like all the people in the story!

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