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Jones has returned! If you've read The Noticer, you know that Jones is the old man who first gave me books when I was homeless, living under a pier. And it changed my life forever!

When you give away an influential book... one that has helped you personally... you set in motion great things in the life of the recipient... be it family, friend, or stranger. Advertising counts for little anymore. But your personal recommendation... that's worth a lot to those you care about.

Ever since writing The Noticer, I've been amazed at how many people ended up reading it only because they received it as a gift from someone else! Someone in their life read the book and then began buying more copies to give away. The receiver reads the book and is so moved, that the story comes full circle when they write back to me saying how much the book changed their life! And I never get over it!

Here are a couple testimonies just from facebook alone:

"I never heard of you until my son gave me The Noticer to read...
What a wonderful book. I am forever changed."

"Hello, honestly I had never heard of you until a friend gave me The Noticer...
I read it and am a changed person... I gave my copy to my 18 yr old son to read also...
bought a copy for my sister and have ordered 3 more books from Amazon."

"I'm about halfway through The Noticer.
Got the book from a friend... Probably wouldn't have picked the book in the bookstore.
Thank God for my friend."

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Because we've seen what an incredible impact a book can have as a gift,
we wanted to make it easy for people to purchase multiple copies
of The Noticer Returns to give away (especially during the week of release).

Who Are the Givers?

*Businesspeople - giving to appreciate your prospects and clients
*Individuals - giving to impact your circle of friends
*Executives - giving to change your organization's culture
*Grandparents - giving to influence your family tree

Who would you give The Noticer Returns to?

*Anyone with children or grandchildren will find that this book was written especially for them.
*Anyone considering starting a business will be utterly inspired and filled
with the courage (and a plan) to move forward.
*Anyone in a struggling relationship will find very practical steps
to bring the joy back into the situation.

If you are willing to take a chance (by buying gift copies of a book you haven't read yet), I am willing to help you in a specific, tangible way. As my personal THANK-YOU for your help in spreading the message of hope and perspective in The Noticer Returns, I want to give some valuable bonuses when you buy multiple copies.

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Here's what we have in mind:

*Buy as little as 3 or more copies of The Noticer Returns between October 1 and October 7 from any retailer (including online) - and we'll send you the exclusive bonuses (listed below) that are currently unavailable anywhere else.

*Simply email a copy or photo of your receipt.

Thanks for making this a very special release!

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The Noticer Returns

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